We aim to make the highest quality of balanced organic wines. Our philosophy of winemaking is that to make great wine it is essential to use only the best grapes.

We grow old grape varieties that are adapted to the local climate. On this terroir, we are producing wines from varieties typical of Languedoc: Syrah, Black Grenache, Cinsault, White Grenache and Clairette du Languedoc (30 years old), and Carignan (60 years old).

Our vineyard parcels are located within walking distance - a maximum of 800 meters - to the cellar. Being small, we are able to harvest each parcel of vines when the grapes are at their optimum ripeness. We handpick the best grapes from the old vines (averaging 30 years old), which are then put into small containers to make sure they arrive at the cellar in perfect condition. We make wine as simple and natural as possible with the lowest level of sulfurs.

For the reds, the grapes are de-stemmed and each grape variety is vinified separately in small 5HL to 30HL stainless steel tanks. When the fermentation is finished with the expected level of extraction, the “free-run” wine is drained off and the remaining skins pressed gently in our pneumatic press. We sometimes used carbonic maceration to obtain more fruit aromas. Then we age our wine in stainless steel tanks or oak barrels.

For the white and rosé wines the bunches are directly pressed and the juice cooled and clarified. Fermentation is temperature-controlled to retain the full range of aromas and flavors of the wine. Starting in 2016, we are making white wine in tanks and barrels.

We want to focus on wine quality by keeping production between 10,000 and 15,000 bottles a year (10 to 35 hl/ha depending on the parcel). In 2015 we produced 21hl/ha resulting in about 5,000 bottles: three reds and one rosé. We have also started aging a wine in oak.

In 2016, we have expanded our selection to include white wines using old local grape varieties white Grenache and Clairette du Languedoc.

The Languedoc is a new frontier for us and has turned out to be an excellent location. We have found a community of open and generous local people, as well as from all over the world. The Languedoc Roussillon appelation has made tremendous progress in using creative approaches to advance our region. Making wine on La Grange de Bouys has proven to be hard and fulfilling work, and we are excited about our future in this stimulating setting.