Permaculture and its 3 fundamental principles leading to a shared well-being:

1. Take care of the Earth: soils, forests and water


Regarding the soil, we have created in our garden buttes rich in nutriments (organic manure, green plants and crushed ground materials) and we have organized the plants in a complementary manner.



Regarding the forest, we have planted more than 350 trees - essentially fruit trees adapted to our climate : olive trees, almond trees, mulberry trees and fig trees…


Regarding the water, we have created a water pond to improve the biodiversity and we collect rain water for the needs of the vegetable garden

Here are the two other principles of permaculture - self-evident for us:


2. Take care of the human being: ourselves, our friends and the community.


3. Share fairly: To limit consumption and production while redistributing the left-overs.

PERMACULTURE should become a sustainable production process able to meet our needs without reaching the environmental limits.

This concept is expanding nowadays : we are sharing advice and experience within a local association "Gardening Together" and all its active members.

Contact :,     tel  (in french)  Jaumeta 06 84 49 21 23, Nicole 06 82 45 78 00.

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